Top 5 Budget Airlines to Book Domestic Travel

Charity begins at home. Before touring the world you should ensure that you have toured your country. Travel by air is no longer considered as a thing for the rich and elite in the society. Not when we have budget airlines offering both domestic and international travel. The number of budget airlines has increased and this has resulted in stiff competition with the travelers benefiting the most from the competition. Airlines have been forced to lower their prices to considerable levels so as to attract more travelers. Taking a flight has become way cheaper than other means of transport that were initially considered a good option if you are on a fixed budget.

We understand the struggle and need to save a few dollars and have prepared a list of the top 5 budget airlines to book domestic travel.

  1. Alaska Airlines

    In April 2018, Virgin America merged with Alaska Airlines and now operate under Alaska Airlines. The red Virgin America logo will soon be replaced by the Alaska Airlines logo. The merge only made thing better. The new brand has more 110 domestic destinations and still makes the cut as the top budget airline to book domestic travel. Flight tickets can go as low as $80 dollars depending on your destination. That’s not all, unlike other budget airlines where you have to sacrifice comfort to pay less, Alaska Airlines Planes are comfortable and the flight attendants very polite and friendly. Not forgetting the amazing deals and price off they offer all you have to do is be on the alert.

  2. JetBlue Airlines

    With over 85 destinations within the country, JetBlue low-cost carrier that you should consider booking with for domestic travel. Compared to other airlines, JetBlue has more leg room making it more comfortable and luxurious for a budget airline. Other than paying less and getting amazing deals, they also give free snacks and a non-alcoholic drink. In other planes, you have to pay for this. Highly recommended both for business travel and family travel.

  3. Norwegian Airlines

    It might come as a surprise to many that an airline that not even based in the country can make it to the liss of the best budget airlines to book domestic travel. The truth is, Norwegian Airlines has the cheapest ticket prices of any budget airline in this list. The only limitation is that they don’t have as many local destinations but with the few, it will be a great deal to book a with them.

  4. Spirit Airlines

    Spirit Airlines has 55 domestic destinations and is a good choice for a budget traveler. In terms of ticket prices, you might end up paying nearly half what is charged by other airlines but you have to be willing to sacrifice your comfort. The seats are rather way too congested and most of the charging ports don’t work. They also charge for drinks and snacks you might you order inside the plane. Take advantages of Spirit Airlines deals today when they still last.

  5. Southwest Airlines

    Initially known as Air Southwest, Southwest Airlines is the world largest budget airlines in the world in terms of the number of passengers carried. If 2016 stats are anything to go by then Southwest Airlines carries has more travelers booking with the airline than any other budget airline in the United States. The airline has 93 destinations domestically in 41 states. Other than being large, Southwest Airlines also spoil their customers with a host of amazing deals and discounted ticket prices.

Larry Parker

17 days ago · 2 min read

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