10 Tips on Booking Last Minute Hotels

Despite how punctual we might be on individual levels, once in a while we might be caught in a situation where we have to book our accommodation in the last minutes. In travelling & accommodation, last minute is considered as any booking within 14 days. Astonishing enough is that either by ignorance or emergency most people to prefer booking for accommodation within the last days of the actual travel date. This has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. To ensure that you are on the safe side, we have prepared a list of 10 tips for booking last minute hotel.

  1. Consider using apps

    When we are not travelling most of the times we don’t see the essence of hotel booking apps. When you are on the last minute rush, you can use the services of these apps. They will allow you to locate a hotel room with a vacant room even if you are booking on the last day.

  2. Opt for business hotels

    As we are heading to the holiday season, most hotel rooms are going to be parked to capacity. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to book for accommodation on the last minute then it is advisable that you check with business hotels. Most of them are actually have empty rooms but people rarely consider them for family travel or solo vacation.

  3. Travel midweek

    If it’s not an emergency, schedule your travel on midweek. Most people travel on the weekends and there are minimum chances that you can score a room if in the last minutes of your travel.

  4. Astonishing enough is that either by ignorance or emergency most people to prefer booking for accommodation within the last days of the actual travel date.

  5. Use travel websites and search engines

    Most travel websites and search engines will allow you to book a hotel on their platform or rather redirect you to the host. This is always a good option if you are on a rush since you will save on time and might be lucky to catch the last-minute deal.

  6. Book for flight and accommodation in one package

    Most airlines work in conjunction with hotels. When you are on a rush look for an airline that is offering both accommodation and flight booking in one package. This way you will end up paying less and actually get a hotel with less hustle.

  7. Be flexible on your taste

    You didn’t book for accommodation early; chances that you will get a room of your desire are very low. Be flexible in terms of your taste and settle for the room you want if it has all the necessities.

  8. Take advantage of last minute cancellations

    Sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances, we have clients to cancel their hotel reservations on the last minute. To take advantage of such incidences visit the website of the hotels around on your scheduled destination. This might not always work but if it does you will end up paying less for a superb room.

  9. Be willing to spend more

    If you are not lucky to get a last minute hotel deal or actually get a room after the original reservation has been cancelled then you will end up paying more for a room. You should be willing to pay more but I doubt this will happen if you know the right places to search for deals.

  10. Always book online

    Never wait until you manually book your reservation in a hotel room. Chances are that all hotels will be full especially given the fact that we are heading to a holiday season. You stand better chances of getting a good room to book faster online than doing it in person.

  11. Subscribe for alerts

    Subscribe for hotel rooms alerts and get notifications when fully booked hotel rooms become available.

Larry Parker

4 hrs ago · 6 min read

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